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What is Christian Science?

Christian Science is a prayer-based method of treating disease and alleviating suffering.  It has been practiced by thousands of professional healers around the world for over 125 years. Discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866, it explains how Jesus Christ healed through divine law. It teaches how we can learn to heal through his example and teachings.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

is a book that explains how Jesus Christ healed the sick. It describes the universe from a spiritual point of view, how to overcome evil with good, and how to find eternal life.

First published in 1875, Science and Health has been studied by millions of people. These people seek spiritual answers to the deepest questions about life. It is an excellent resource for understanding the life-changing messages of the Scriptures and how to heal through prayer like Jesus and the ancient prophets healed.

The author of Science and Health, Mary Baker Eddy, discovered a science to the healing works of Jesus Christ. Through divine revelation, Biblical study, and personal experience, she saw divine laws at work that enable spiritual healing to occur. She put the laws into practice and was able to cure disease, restore health, and save the lost.

Science and Health outlines a spiritual method of treating disease that can be practiced by anyone. This method relies upon the power of divine Mind to affect a cure, reasoning from the basis that God is good, is all-power and wills only good, health and well being for His children. The final chapter includes many accounts of how readers were healed, often of severe conditions, by reading this book.


Mary Baker Eddy


Mary Baker Eddy was a phenomenally successful Christian healer, thinker and writer of the 19th century. Through divine revelation, personal experience and inspired study of the Bible, she discovered divine laws that maintain health, harmony and well-being. She realized that Jesus Christ understood these laws completely and left his healing legacy as proof of their operation.

As her understanding of these laws developed she was able to cure hundreds of people of terminal illness, addictions, blindness, and other crippling ailments through her prayers. She discovered a method of spiritual healing that could be learned by anyone. Jesus’ promise “Those who believe, the works that I do, they shall do also,” was fulfilled in her life and practice.

She called her discovery Christian Science. Christian, because it grew out of the teachings of Christ, and Science because it explained the laws of divine healing that Jesus Christ practiced successfully 2000 years ago.

She wrote her discovery in the book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This book has been considered a definitive textbook for prayer-based healing by millions of people around the world since its first printing in 1875.

The Weekly Bible Lesson

Each week a Christian Science Bible Lesson is set out as a guide for prayerful study. It also forms the sermon for each Sunday service in all Christian Science churches around the world. They are composed of Bible passages and citations from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, which explain the spiritual power of the Bible.

Christian Science is profoundly based on the inspired Word of the Bible. “As adherents of Truth we take the inspired Word of The Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life”. This is the first tenet of the church.

Everyone can use these Bible lessons as a foundation for their weekly prayers. The subjects are set out on a regular six monthly cycle of topics including; “God”, Life, Christ Jesus, Reality, Soul and Body. They are an essential element of the Church of Christ Scientist and bring fresh insights every week.

In addition, there is a weekly publication, The Christian Science Sentinel, which includes articles on meeting all challenges through prayer. Each magazine includes verified testimonies from individuals who have been healed by prayer in Christian Science.

The Christian Science church brings help and healing to people around the world through its worldwide outreach and church services held in local branch churches in many countries.

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